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Our area is mostly arable farming land and contains 5 farms,which between them,grow vegetables,cereal crops and soft fruits.Allshots Farm,part of the Felix Hall Estate,covers 120 acres and has a 400 year old farmhouse.108 acres are reserved for crops.Potatoes are sold locally,barley and tick beans feed the animals and wheat is sold to the Spiller Group.The farm was left with 30 acres during the war when the R.A.F.purchased the rest at £30 per acre,when electricity and mains water were connected.The airfield,disused now,still exists.The land was sold back at £700 per acre!The farm has 2 tractors,a combine harvester,2 ploughs a harrow and 4 trailers.There are 60 sows,3 boars and 350-500 piglets as well as sheep,cows,poultry & waterfowl There are 2 old barns,a Dutch barn,a granary,cart shed and pond yard area.
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